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Campus vocabulary for TOEFL students

Если Вам предстоит сдача международного экзамена TOEFL, тогда Вы непременно столкнетесь с огромным пластом лексики, касающейся американской системы образования, жизни в студенческом городке, а также общения между студентами в библиотеке, в спортивном зале или закусочной.

Language GURU подготовил для Вас лексику, которая непременно поможет Вам получить высокий балл за секцию Listening и Speaking. Must be learnt words for TOEFL!


to register - to complete the paperwork to enter a class

an I.D. - identification card which permits you to use university services (the library, the recreation facilities, etc.)

to be closed out of a class - you can't take a class because the maximum number of students have already registered for it

to drop a course - to cancel a course which you registered for. You may receive your money back if you do it early.

to withdraw from a course - to officially cancel your enrollment at the beginning of a course

to take an incomplete -I-to not receive a grade for a course because you failed to complete all the requirements due to illness or other legitimate reasons. You will be given a period of time to complete the requirements.

to cut a class - to fail to appear in class without the instructor's permission.

to audit a class -to sit in a class and participate without paying or receiving a grade

a transcript - an exact record of the courses you have taken and the grades received which may also have a grade point average

G.P.A. - grade point average - your average based on all the courses you have taken in your degree program

a major - the primary concentration of courses in a field of study. All students must have a major.


a term bill - the total amount you owe the university for one semester, including tuition, fees, and library charges

tuition - amount you pay for courses

student fees - amount you are required to pay for student services even if you never use these services

room and board - amount you pay for living and eating in a dormitory or other residence


roommate - dorm mate - the person you share a room with

the dorm - dormitory - a building where students live which is supervised and owned by the university

co-ed dorm - a dorm which has females on one floor and males on another floor

R.A. - resident advisor - the person on each floor who helps keep peace, organize educational events, and act as a counselor to ease student adjustment

off-campus housing - places of living which are NOT supervised or owned by the university and therefore do not follow the same restrictions

sorority house/fraternity house - a place of residence which serves also as a close social group or club. These houses are located either on the campus or nearby.


university health center or clinic - a center where students receive health care inexpensively

to have a physical - to assure your health or identify problems

to get a shot - to receive an injection of medicine


a cafeteria - an eating place where food is already prepared and you select what you want and then pay a certain price for each separate item

a snack bar - a quick eating place where you order food at a counter, wait for it to be prepared, pay for it, and take it to your table to eat

a diner - a restaurant open 24 hours a day in which a waitress or waiter takes your order and brings food to you at your table

a vending machine - a machine that sells snacks and drinks: soda, hot drinks, candy potato chips, and occasionally fruit/sandwiches

a grease truck - on some campuses you can buy food at a snack bar inside a van or truck which is parked close to your class

a sub-shop - a place where you can buy sandwiches prepared as you wish very quickly

a deli - delicatessen - a place where you can buy meat, cheese, and other prepared food prepared as you wish into sandwiches

to order out - to order food by phone and have it delivered to your home

to take out - to order food in a restaurant, but take it out of the store and eat it somewhere else


card catalogue - the system of organization in the library which identifies books authors, and topics using a number system. You use the number to locate the books in the library. Some card catalogues are now also on computer.

reference desk - a place where librarians stay to give you information and help on how to use the library

due date - the date a book must be returned to a library

a fine - the amount you must pay if you do not return a book by its due date

the stacks - the place where books are stored. In some universities, students may not be permitted in this area.

to be on reserve - books which can only be loaned for a few hours are "on reserve"

to check out - charge out - to borrow a book from the library

to recall - to request the return of a book which has been borrowed by another person


the gym - gymnasium - where indoor sports are played

halftime - a long break in the middle of a football game in which players take a rest and the audience receives entertainment

time out - a short break requested by one of the teams

touchdown - a goal scored in football

Language GURU приглашает на курсы подготовки к TOEFL в Челябинске! Бесплатная консультация, а также тестирование уровня языка.